Registration deadline for Sophomore Getaway approaching


    The deadline to register for TCU’s very first Sophomore Getaway program, a Frog Camp-style program for sophomores, is quickly approaching. 

    The Sophomore Getaway aims to help students reflect on their first year, plan for their future and provide them tools to work through challenges, said Keri Cyr, assistant director of transitions and the sophomore and junior experience.

    She said TCU’s Student Development Services department is hosting this program for the first time from Jan. 9-10.

    The program will be held near Marble Falls at Springs in the Texas Hill Country, she said.

    During the two-day retreat there will be sessions dealing with adversity, building resilience and making change, Cyr said. There will also be discussion on handling stress, pressure and expectations.

    These sessions will be mixed with outdoor activities such as campfires and time for sophomores to explore the environment, she said.

    There will be big group, small group and individual activities, she said. Cyr assured that there are “options to make it what you want it to be.”

    Denae McCown, senior psychology major and facilitator for the Sophomore Getaway, said the program was uniquely created for sophomores in order to help them transition through their “in-between stage.”

    She said the program would give sophomores a chance to connect with peers who are going through the same things and to talk to adults who have already dealt with similar issues.

    “It’s going to be an awesome time,” McCown said. “I think the [sophomores] should take the chance and do it, and they will not regret it.”

    Bryan Tony, sophomore economics and political science major, said he has already registered for the trip and is excited to start off the spring semester of his sophomore year strong.

    He said he hopes to meet new people and see how others are adapting.

    “I hope it helps a lot of sophomores learn from one another, build relationships and enjoy the experience that we have,” he said.

    Meredith Trank, sophomore psychology and religion major, also registered for the program and said she hopes this experience will prepare her for the rest of her time at college.

    Trank said she is excited for the retreat and hopes it will help relieve some stress and pressure heading into the rest of her sophomore year.

    Trank said she doesn’t know what to expect since it’s the first year for the program, but she’s optimistic because she never went to Frog Camp and this retreat provides a good opportunity for students like herself to have a “Frog Camp-like” experience.

    “The point is to just grow as a sophomore class, and also to learn from adults in order to further my TCU experience; make it the best it could be.” she said.

    The cost of the retreat is $200, which includes food, transportation and room accommodations. Students can also apply for a scholarship through the registration form, Cyr said.

    The deadline for registration is Nov. 9 but Cyr said they don’t want to miss anybody who wants to go so they are open to extending the deadline.

    If you have any questions about the Sophomore Getaway, contact Daniel or Keri Cyr

    For more information check out the Sophomore Getaway’s Prezi or visit their Facebook page.

    To register, click here.