TCU Rifle prepares for No. 1 Alaska


    The TCU rifle team will shoot its second dual home match of the season at home against No.1 Alaska Saturday.

    Coming off of last week’s loss against Kentucky at home, Sophomore Hannah Black said being familiar with a range does not always guarantee a win.

    “We’re all good shooters,” she said. “But I think as a team we need to be more consistent.”

    Sophomore Allie Taschuk reiterated this, as she said she has had trouble this season shooting well in both smallbore and air rifle.

    “I’m usually on-point with one gun or another,” she said. “With smallbore, I have trouble putting together all three positions.”

    Smallbore is a shot in the standing, kneeling and prone positions.

    Head coach Karen Monez said although the Frogs lost to Kentucky, placing them at No. 10 in NCAA rankings, they must continue to move forward without dwelling on mistakes.

    “I spent this week trying to motivate them to know they’re better than the scores they made,” Monez said.

    Monez said the women trace their mistakes after every match as they receive a graphic print out of their shots. During practice, they analyze those shots, she said.

    Black led TCU in scoring against Kentucky with an aggregate score of 1,166. She said during practice this week, she focused on the mechanics of her shots in hopes of bringing her air rifle score into the 590s.

    Monez said having a match at home has its benefits.

    “We’re able to train right up until the match instead of taking a day to travel,” she said. “It lets us add those finishing touches.”

    She said it is also common for the women take a day off after a weekend of travel to catch up on schoolwork.

    While traveling, the women carry bags full of equipment that weigh up to 50 pounds. Taschuk said after a 12-hour travel day to compete in Alaska last year, it is a relief to not have to travel this weekend.

    “I like having the comfort of being home during a match,” she said. “It’s one less variable we have to worry about.”

    Taschuk said she hopes to stay in the low to mid 580s in air rifle, and low 570s in smallbore against Alaska.

    The team, which has a total of six home meets, will only be able to use one of the home meet aggregate scores in qualifying for the NC Rifle Championship in March. Only their three best aggregate scores from various meets will be considered.

    TCU will face Alaska at home in the TCU Rifle Range Saturday Nov. 9. The match will run all day.