SGA gets student feedback through Improve TCU Day


    Through ‘Improve TCU Day’, ‘Table Talks’ and ‘Orgtober’, the Student Government Association at TCU is working harder this year to connect with the student body and serve as its voice in improving the TCU experience.

    With donuts and McAlister’s sweet tea in hand, TCU students gathered around tables set up by SGA in front of the library and Market Square on Wednesday to fill out surveys about their experience at TCU.

    This is Improve TCU Day 2013.

    “The goal of having Improve TCU Day is to get student’s opinions and ideas. It is our job as SGA to actively seek out and serve the voice of student,” said Student Government Association President, Cody Westphal. “With a comprehensive yet simple survey, we are able to collect a large amount of data that we can then turn into projects and initiatives.”

    The survey included both open-ended responses and and multiple choice questions that centered around the issues of technology, academics, housing, dining, student affairs and school spirit.

    When asked about how they would improve TCU, students had a variety of answers that ranged from toilet paper and tuition to parking and school spirit.

    “Some of our goals are addressing traditions at TCU and the game day experience related to football, parking, and many other issues,” Westphal said.

    SGA has held an annual Improve TCU Day the past three years and is headed up by Student Affairs Committee Chair, Nick Daigle.

    SGA’s efforts to hear the student body needs also includes the Table Talk Program, Orgtober and a new email address ([email protected]), which allows students to directly contact Westphal with their questions, comments and concerns.

    “With the Table Talk program, representatives will go to different colleges within TCU with a short survey gathering some data and feedback” Daigle said.

    Also, SGA started the Orgtober program this year, where every member of House was assigned two to three student organizations to reach out to directly.

    This push was designed to make sure we are getting not only individual feedback, but feedback from student groups as well.

    “It was extremely successful and we look forward to continuing the effort in years to come,” Westphal said.

    The Improve TCU survey will remain open online until next Wednesday, Nov. 20 and is available at