Third dorm in Worth Hills on schedule


    The third dorm in Worth Hills is scheduled to be completed in July 2014, ready for the incoming freshman class and upper classmen.

    Harold Leeman, director of facility planning and construction, said the dorm will hold 150 beds and be essentially identical to the Marion-Clark dorms currently in Worth Hills.

    Like the Marion-Clark dorms, the third housing option will include the same amenities, like a kitchen and numerous lounges, Leeman said.

    “Everything is going pretty well,” said Leeman. “It’s going to be another good addition to the campus.”

    Construction costs for the new dorm are set around $16.5 million.

    Currently, the new dorm is nameless. Leeman said he believes a donor will step forward closer to completion date in July.

    The new dorm will allow residential space for incoming freshman while renovations are made to Colby Hall during the 2014 school year.

    “There will be enough housing next school year, which is why we waited one more year to renovate Colby,” Leeman said.

    Aside from the three new dorms, additions to Worth Hills will also include a multipurpose building. The Board of Trustees approved construction for the building to begin in December with intentions to be completed January 2015, Leeman said.

    Leeman said the new multipurpose building will hold four different food venues, as well as optimal study space for students in Worth Hills.