Twenty SAC alumni returning to the stage


    Twenty Senseless Acts of Comedy alumni will return to the stage for a reunion performance on Saturday, Jan. 18.

    The two-hour long show will take place Saturday at 9 p.m in the Brown Lupton University Union auditorium.

    Grant Moore, TCU senior and current SAC president, said he planned the event to belatedly celebrate SAC’s 10th anniversary. Their 10th anniversary was in 2012.

    The alumni show will honor past performers who got the comedic improv show to where it is today, Moore said.

    “It’s so amazing that the group survived 10 years and has such a rich history,” Moore said. “No other [improv] groups have popped up and SAC never died.”

    Alumni will be performing alongside current SAC members, Moore said. Three of the alumni in attendance were half of SAC’s six founding fathers.

    “We’re splitting the show up. We’re mixing all the generations, but letting [each] generation do their own thing,” he said.

    Alumni include Dan Floren, a 2013 graduate; Robert Slack, a 2012 graduate and Jason Cahill, a 2011 graduate.

    Moore said he planned the event by getting in touch with former SAC performers on the phone or through email.

    “I mainly went back and found people that were really prominent in the history of the organization,” he said.

    Moore said the anniversary show then spread through word of mouth to other former SAC performers.

    “We’re going to celebrate what we are and just want to have fun,” Moore said. “SAC has been a TCU staple for 10 years.”