Sophomore Getaway impresses in inaugural year


    A new Student Development Services program aimed at helping sophomores plan for their futures and reflect on their college experiences debuted before the semester began.

    Twenty sophomores signed up for the first Sophomore Getaway, which was held from Jan. 9-10. The retreat focused on giving them the opportunity to relax and prepare for the upcoming semester. 

    “I learned a lot about myself and about how to face this next semester,” Aubree Hutchison, a sophomore marketing and management double major, said.

    Colton Perry, a junior psychology and communication studies major and director of the Sophomore Getaway, said the responses from the students were overwhelmingly positive regarding the program’s first year.

    “Some students told me that they felt like they had found a hidden gem at TCU, and that’s how I view the Sophomore Getaway as well,” Perry said.

    Keri Cyr, assistant director of transitions and the sophomore and junior experience, said the programming of the Sophomore Getaway focused on connection, direction and reflection.

    Aside from the instruction and group discussions throughout the retreat in Marble Falls, Texas, sophomores hiked, canoed, played sports and watched movies, Cyr said.

    “I loved having some time to myself while also getting to meet friends that I don’t think I would’ve ever met at TCU if this program didn’t exist,” Hutchison said.

    Both Perry and Cyr said they hope more campers will sign up for future programs. Cyr said she’d like to see the number of campers double for next year’s retreat.

    “With the success of the Getaway this year and the great feedback that we received, we are definitely looking to continue this for years to come,” Cyr said.