Lunch Roulette offers juniors a faculty mentor


    Lunch Roulette, the newest offering from Student Development Services, gives juniors a chance to meet one-on-one with faculty and staff from various departments.

    The program, which runs Feb. 3-7, pairs students with a faculty member who will meet with them over lunch sometime during the week.

    Keri Cyr, assistant director of transitions and the sophomore and junior experience, said research has shown juniors to be particularly interested in mentorship and receiving advice for life after college.

    “Connections are everything, and these types of relationships can be invaluable to students later on,” Cyr said.

    “Mentoring, advice and the other things that faculty and staff can offer to the juniors may not be easy to come by except through experiences like this one,” she said.

    Charlie Ruff, a junior biochemistry major, said his friends at other universities do not have a program like Lunch Roulette.

    “TCU has a lot of great faculty and staff who are always willing to reach out to the students, so I am excited to get a new faculty mentor and to learn all that I can from him,” Ruff said.

    Michael Strausz, assistant professor of political science, said he took advantage of a similar program when he was an undergraduate, and valued the time he spent with his faculty mentor.

    “I have been saying for a while that we should have a program like this, so I was very pleased when I saw the email that we now have this Lunch Roulette program,” Strausz said.

    To sign up for Lunch Roulette, visit