Report: Suspect says he killed TCU student in self-defense


    The man arrested for killing a TCU senior gave a jailhouse interview Thursday to WFAA reporters and told them he fatally stabbed Stewart Trese.

    Trese died from multiple stab wounds, including a wound to the front of the neck, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s report. In an interview with WFAA, David Hidalgo said he also stabbed Trese in the chest.

    Hidalgo told WFAA reporters that Trese made sexual advances toward him. According to Hidalgo’s account, he refused the advances, Trese became angry and pulled out a pocketknife and threatened to kill Hidalgo.

    Hidalgo said to WFAA, “He pulled out the knife and said, ‘I’m gonna kill you,’ he said, ‘I’m gonna kill you,’ and he came toward me with the knife and I grabbed his hand that the knife was in and I tried to wrestle it out from him… We ended up on the floor and I ended up stabbing him in the chest and in the throat.” 

    Hidalgo, 21, was arrested Wednesday, according to an email from Sgt. Kelly Peel, the Fort Worth police public relations supervisor.

    Trese, a senior marketing major, was found dead Tuesday morning in his GrandMarc apartment at 2855 W. Bowie. Police have said Trese’s death was a direct result of an altercation with an acquaintance. 

     “I really don’t know what happened,” Trese’s father, Dr. Thomas Trese, said in a phone interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

    “He planned to graduate during the summer, and he had attended several job fairs,” he said to the Star-Telegram. “His minor was in Japanese, and he had hoped to use that along with his marketing degree to land a job.”

    As of Thursday afternoon, Hidalgo is still in custody at the Mansfield jail and hasn’t posted bail. His bond is set at $100,000, according to the Mansfield Police Department website.

    According to the Tarrant County District Clerk, Hidalgo was convicted for assault/bodily injury in April 2012. He served a 15-day jail sentence.

    Editor’s note: This story was updated on Friday, Feb. 7 at 10:01 a.m.