Chance of snow tomorrow in Fort Worth


    TCU students can expect more snow tomorrow, according to meteorologist Matt Bishop at the Dallas/Fort Worth Area National Weather Service.

    It would likely snow again tomorrow, Bishop said. However, there probably would not be as much snow as there was today.

    Bishop said commuting students should take caution on major roads, especially exits, overpasses, freeways and bridges.

    “It doesn’t take much to make some travel issues,” he said.

    The meteorologist said traffic typically builds up when the weather causes an accident.

    “There’s a potential that you’ll see some slowdowns in traffic and have to slow down due to some patches of ice on the road,” Bishop said.

    Bishop said he was “on-the-fence” when asked if the university should have been closed today.

    “It was probably safe,” Bishop said. “But then of course it probably did cause some people to have accidents trying to get to class.”

    Any decision to close or delay opening the university tomorrow would be made by 6:30 a.m., Lisa Albert, university director of strategic communications, wrote in a campus-wide email this afternoon.

    Students will receive a message about school closure through the TCU ALERT system. Albert wrote students would not receive a message if the university decides to remain open.

    Students should continue to use caution when driving or walking, she wrote.