Pink eye cases rising on campus


    The TCU Health Center has seen a recent rise in the number of pink eye cases on campus.

    Karen Bell Morgan, an assistant dean for health promotions, said the health center has seen about 50 new pink eye cases every week.

    “Pink eye is very contagious,” she said. “Students should wash their hands frequently, use an alcohol based sanitizer, definitely don’t share personal items, frequently wash your sheets in warm water with detergent, and when you go to the rec center make sure to wipe down machines before using them.”

    Pink eye is formally known as conjunctivitis. It is an inflammation of the outermost layer of the eye, according to an informative flyer made by Morgan.

    One student that has been affected by the recent spread of pink eye on campus is Randall Stepp, a junior accounting major.

    “I woke up and couldn’t open my right eye. I also had blurred vision and sensitivity to sunlight,” he said.

    Stepp went to the TCU Health Center and was given antibacterial eye drops. He said his symptoms went away after about three days. He also said that the doctor asked him to use daily toric contact lenses which could abate the symptoms significantly.

    To prevent future infections, Stepp said he isn’t going to touch his eyes as often and wash his hands more.

    Claire Gordon, a sophomore strategic communications major, said she found out about the recent rise of pink eye cases on campus from her roommate, who is a nursing major.

    To prevent getting pink eye herself she said, “I’m washing my hands a lot and trying not to share things.”

    Bell-Morgan said that students should go to the health center if they wake up and their eyes are matted or if they continue having discharge.

    The TCU Health Center has a list of suggestions for students to prevent getting pink eye and to prevent spreading it:

    Prevent Catching Pink Eye:

    – Avoid touching the personal items of someone with pink eye

    – Wash your hands often

    -Avoid sharing personal items

    Prevent The Spread of Pink Eye:

    – Wash your hands often

    – Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes

    – Wash any discharge from around the eye several times a day

    – Do not share eye drops or other personal items like towels, blankets and make-up

    – Wash pillowcases, sheets, towels in hot water and detergent

    – Throw away eye or face make-up you used while infected

    – Replace contact lens solution and disposable contact lenses

    – Do not use swimming pools