Dog show promotes volunteering to TCU community


    A choreographed dog show was held in the Campus Commons Thursday night to promote animal adoption and responsible pet ownership.

    Five local dogs and their trainers were featured in the show. All of the dogs were either rescued from an animal shelter or found as strays living on the streets.

    The dog show was put on to help increase volunteering at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control (FWACC), said Leanne O’Donnell, team leader of theCrew.

    Greeting people with a lick and a wag of the tail, FWACC’s mascot dog Henry, a rescued shelter dog, also attended. He serves as the honorary ambassador for shelter pets waiting to be adopted in Fort Worth.

    O’Donnell, a junior writing and art history double major, organized Thursday’s dog show and said she wanted to put on a fun event with a serious meaning behind the message.

    “We knew we wanted to plan an event involving dogs, so I thought ‘What better way than to get the humane society involved?’” she said.

    In addition to watching the dog show, students also made dog toys to donate to FWACC.

    Students said they enjoyed the event and appreciated its purpose.

    “It’s hard being so far away from my dogs so watching the dog show definitely helped,” Jessie Brown, sophomore nursing major, said.

    “I think this was such a fun way to promote adoptions,” sophomore English major Andria Miller said. “This was a step to make sure there are less unwanted and abandoned pets in our community.”

    TheCrew is a student-run organization that organizes innovative events to unite the TCU community. For further details about theCrew’s upcoming activities, visit their Facebook page.