Study problems caused by Schieffer exhibit construction


    The construction for a new Bob Schieffer exhibit in Moudy Building South is causing problems for many students looking to study.

    The study room that used to be on the first floor of the building will now be the location of the new exhibit, which is currently under construction.

    Hallie Davies, a junior film, television and digital media major, said she has to sit in the hallways to study because of the construction.

    “They took away space for me to study, so I’m kind of disappointed in that,” Davies said. “I don’t have a place to study now.”

    Another student who felt displaced by the new exhibit is Mark Esslinger, a first-year business major.

    “If the university deems it necessary, then maybe I would too,” he said. “I guess I have to be behind the university, but to me it doesn’t seem like it’s the most useful purpose for the room.”

    David Whillock, dean of the Bob Schieffer College of Communication, said there wasn’t another option for placement of the exhibit because of the accessibility of the room.

    He also said that he wanted to dispel the rumor that all of the study space in the room would be gone following the completion of the construction.

    “The students will have an opportunity to go in there to study, to have a place to be before class starts,” Whillock said. “There is not going to be a big change.”

    In the meantime, Esslinger said he will just have to find another place to study until the exhibit opens up.

    “It’s not too big of an issue, I can probably get around it,” he said. “There’s generally some room on the third floor that I can use, but sometimes it gets crowded.”

    Whillock suggested that students looking for an area to study could do so on the third floor of Moudy South or in the lounge at KTCU until the exhibit opens.

    According to a statement sent to the campus community, the exhibit will open on April 9.