SGA Election results: Westphal re-elected president; Longoria wins Treasurer by 46 votes


    Student Body President Cody Westphal will serve another term during the 2014-2015 academic year, according to SGA election results. 

    Westphal ran unopposed for the position.

    Academic Affairs Committee Chair Matt Spangler, also running unopposed, was elected as Vice-President of Operations.

    Maddie Reddick will serve as Vice-President for External Affairs in the upcoming year. She received 987 votes, beating current Vice-President for External Affairs Blake Tilley by 427 votes. Reddick is currently a John V. Roach Honors College representative. 

    Lydia Longoria was elected as Treasurer, beating Garrett Adair by 46 votes, 801 to 755. Both are currently serving as Neeley School of Business representatives. 

    The results were confirmed via email by Elections and Regulations Chair Emily Rodenbach.

    Check below for the list of House representatives:


    Abigail Buckley

    Luke Erwin

    Meg Griffin

    Allegra Hernandez

    Kelsey Ritchie

    Austin Taylor

    Yannick Tona

    Bryan Tony



    Ernest Dominick

    Caroline McKee

    Katie Phillips

    Alex Smith

    Lizzie Sparks



    Steffen Francisco

    Taylor Meneley


    Fine Arts

    Cody Cox

    Lauren Michiels

    Catherine Potter

    Katie Rettig



    Ethan Bixby

    Josh Blankenship

    Madelyn Carter

    Jacob Greenstein

    Ryker Thompson



    Drew Atkins

    Burton Cowles

    Nick Daigle

    Logan Dalgleish

    Garrett Grim

    Tierney Johnson

    Yun Lim

    Mohamed Sharaf

    Laura Simard

    Reid Waller


    Nursing and Health Sciences

    Chris Blanton

    Kinsey Budagher

    Katharine Carvalho

    Kitty Deleon

    Christina Sassos

    Ali Wittenberg


    Science and Engineering

    Morgan Bailie

    Alex Cohen

    Bryce Griffith

    Creighton Jones

    Scott Kujak

    Zach Madel

    Jacob Wirfel


    Class of 2015

    Garrett Evans

    LaQwen Nichols


    Class of 2016

    Garrett Adair

    Mitch Titsworth


    Class of 2017

    Grace Gau

    John Paul Watson