Trainer from ‘The Biggest Loser’ visits TCU


    A trainer from the “The Biggest Loser” spoke to hundreds of students Thursday evening about the importance of being “the best” versions of themselves.

    Dolvett Quince, fitness guru and celebrity trainer from “The Biggest Loser,” said his goal is to “empower others from the inside out and not the outside in.”

    Quince shared his journey, from being placed in foster care to building his own brand doing what he loves, while helping others achieve their goals.

    “The key is despite your circumstances, create your circumstances,” Quince said.

    Takyra Morgan, junior communication studies major, said she was inspired and motivated to always make the best out of any situation.

    “We wanted to bring a speaker that would motivate students and enhance their confidence,” said Robin Williamson, assistant dean for Student Development Services.

    Williamson invited Quince to speak.

    Quince said through inspiration from those he admired, he was able to discover himself and become who is he today.

    Jenny Dubose, first-year health and fitness major, said she connected with the presentation.

    “This was very uplifting for me career-wise and in general,” Dubose said. “He reminded us that there is a brighter side to everything.”

    Quince wanted students to believe that even during the worst situations, one can still be successful.

    “Don’t give up, don’t give in, fight,” Quince said.

    Quince said by empowering others, he empowers himself. “You teach once and learn twice,” Quince said.