Eleven40seven releases spring journal


    The student-run arts journal held their Spring 2014 release party at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Tuesday night.

    Eleven40seven publishes their journal of poems and art biannually. The journal began in 2005 and is run by TCU undergraduates with the help of a faculty advisor.

    The journal aims to present a different student perspective from the mainstream campus culture and promote TCU’s artistic and creative endeavors, according the their website.

    Allana Wooley, editor-in-chief of Eleven40seven, said she was very happy with the turn out for the release party.

    “I always like when students come to support the arts,” said Wooley, who is a junior writing and anthropology double major.

    Any TCU student can submit creative work to Eleven40seven to be considered for publication.

    “Anything from painting to singing and even interpretive dance if you want,” said Lauren Michiels, a senior writing major and the public relations director and managing editor.

    This semester’s edition featured the work of 21 students. The works selected included photography, poetry, short stories, painting, singing and even a rap performance.

    Senior photography major Caroline Chandonnet’s photograph “John O’Callaghan” was one of the works chosen.

    “I’m really excited. It’s my first time to be published in a magazine,” she said.

    In addition to the traditional print version of the journal there will be an extended online edition available. The online edition incorporates the multimedia works that will not be displayed in the print edition.

    The online edition will not be available until some time next week, Wooley said.