Library full during finals week even with extra space available


    Students have more space to study in the library this year now that almost 800,000 books have been moved off campus. However, that hasn’t stopped the influx of students from filling the building.

    Tracy Hull, the associate dean for the Mary Couts Burnett Library, said the removal of books allows students more needed space during finals weeks.

    Hull said the library also collected unused tables from around campus to set up in the empty space for students to use.

    “We worked with the physical plant, and folks on campus to see if there were any vacant, extra tables anywhere that we could have for temporary setup,” Hull said.

    Even with the added tables, it is still difficult for students to find seating in the library.

    James Lutz, the director of library administrative services said one thing he notices during finals week is students finding unique areas to study when the library fills up. 

    “We’ll find students sometimes studying in the emergency stairwells,” Lutz said. “They’ll sit on floors next to outlets, anywhere they can find an outlet is basically taken over, it kind of looks like the airport.”

    Conner Lunsford, a sophomore supply chain major, said he’ll often spend time studying in the library even if there is not a seat available.

    “I’ll sit on the floor if there’s a space open there,” Lunsford said.

    Lutz also said the mood in the library changes once student begin to focus.

    “You can feel the vibe in the building” Lutz said. “If you cough, or make a little bit of noise, heads turn pretty quick.”

    During finals week the entire library is open 24 hours, lutz said.

    “Occasionally we’ll see somebody bring in a sleeping bag,” Lutz said. “We don’t really encourage that for overnighting, but we do see that as well.”