Lab school director named to IALS Board of Directors


    The International Association of Laboratory Schools (IALS) named TCU Director of Laboratory Schools Dr. Marilyn Tolbert to its board of directors this week.

    The IALS is an international association that functions as a supporter of member schools and a voice for the improvement of learning for all children, according to the association’s website,.

    Tolbert said she was ecstatic when the IALS asked her to become a board member.

    “I was excited,” Tolbert said. “I was really honored and privileged that they would invite me.”

    Tolbert has been TCU’s lab school director for 12 years. She said her favorite part about the job is watching the students grow.

    “The things I like most about the job are the children and the people,” Tolbert said. “Seeing the children progress and seeing how successful they will be…those are the things that make me excited and passionate about what I’m doing.”

    Tolbert has worked with both the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) and the Down Syndrome Partnership of North Texas (DSPNT). She said her experience with these two groups will help her succeed at her new position.

    “It helped me connect to other families,” Tolbert said. “It was able to let me expand… and connect with more families and help them with resources and ways to get help at public schools.”

    LaJean Sturman, who has worked with Tolbert since she became TCU’s lab school director, said she admires Tolbert’s enthusiasm for working with children.

    “[Tolbert’s] passion for the children that we serve is second to none,” Sturman said. “She lives and breathes for the children and their families.”

    Sturman also praised Tolbert’s administrative qualities.

    “The business end of running one of the departments is huge and [Tolbert] brings a really strong skill set to that piece…[Tolbert’s] expertise has brought us so, so far.”

    Tolbert said she hopes to bring new knowledge to the IALS and the lab school community.

    “I hope to be able to bring additional resources,” Tolbert said. “I’m hoping to help them with knowledge on learning disabilities and on working with children with Down syndrome.”

    Tolbert also said she will join the board this summer and will serve a three-year term.

    The association’s executive director, Patricia Diebold, could not be reached for comment.