Provost appoints physics professor to senior associate dean of science and engineering college


    Provost Nowell Donovan recently appointed TCU Physics Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Science and Engineering Dr. C. Magnus L. Rittby to senior associate dean of the college.

    Dean of the CSE Dr. Phil Hartman wrote in an e-mail the appointment was made in recognition of Rittby’s administrative responsibilities and his handling of graduate student activities within the college.

    Hartman also wrote Rittby, who has served as the CSE’s associate dean for administration and graduate programs since 2005, has worked at TCU since 1990.

    Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Dr. Dick Rinewalt said he’s enjoyed Rittby’s time at TCU.

    “I love working with him,” Rinewalt said. “He’s a very pleasant person to work with and he’s very attentive to detail.”

    Rinewalt also said he admires Rittby’s ability to excel at other positions outside of the CSE. He said Rittby chairs the local animal care and use committee and is a trained mediator.

    Chairman of the TCU physics and astronomy department Dr. William R. M. Graham said he respects Rittby’s professionalism.

    “One of his great strengths is that, in addition to being highly intelligent, he is very objective and rational,” Graham said. “He looks at problems in a very rational way… he is always concerned about fairness to students, both undergraduates and graduates.”

    Graham also said he appreciates Rittby’s commitment to learning.

    “He’s very concerned about the quality of education,” Graham said. “Whether [or not] graduates and undergraduates are learning about the things they should.”

    Graham said Rittby’s international experience has been beneficial to the CSE.

    “It’s given him a certain breath of vision about the possibilities because he’s seen different systems,” Graham said. “I think that’s very important to have at TCU.”

    Rittby and Donovan are currently out of office and could not be reached for comment.