Worth Hills parking garage in the works


    With parking on TCU’s campus continually being an issue, TCU hopes to resolve some of the concerns with the construction of a Worth Hills parking garage.

    Director of Facility Planning and Construction Harold Leeman said the parking garage in Worth Hills is past the design and development stage.

    “We are working on getting pricing, but it’s a very expensive project,” he said. “Our goal is to get as many parking spaces as we can so that fraternities and sororities have space to park in the garage.”

    “We went through a large discussion because we were supposed to build the garage closer to the street, which means it would not have touched Brachman,” Leeman said.

    “We were closer than 100 feet from the center of the street. The community did not like it and we decided to push it back so there were no code issues.”

    Pushing the parking garage further away from the street means tearing down Brachman Hall. The renovation of Colby Hall could not allow another 155 beds to be lost in Brachman.

    “Working with the community pushed the project back one year, but it was the right thing to do,” Leeman said.

    The structure must be complete prior to reconstruction of the new Greek houses, according to the TCU Physical Plant’s website.

    The garage is expected to contain approximately 1,100 parking spaces and a small human resources complex while being located in the current parking lot for Brachman.

    Safety is a major concern with the parking garage as well.

    The TCU Police Department expects to monitor the garage and have the structure well lit. Leeman said students will gain access to the garage by using their student IDs.

    Meghan Newton, a sophomore theater major, said she supports the construction of a new parking garage on campus.

    “It is so much safer for there to be more parking near the new halls rather than the students having to walk across campus after parking for the night,” she said.

    The Worth Hills parking garage is expected to begin in May 2015 after Brachman Hall is torn down. The garage is expected to take about a year to complete.