Slideshow: West entrance to library now open to public


    With passersby snapping photos for their Instagram accounts, the west entrance of TCU’s Mary Couts Burnett Library officially opened up to the public Wednesday morning. 

    “The Library’s new entrance is a beautiful addition to the building,” Dean of the TCU Library June Koelker wrote in an email.

    The renovations, which are expected to include a new café, technology labs and media editing suites, have been happening for several months, but the west entrance was the primary focus of June’s construction.

    TCU 360’s Michaeleah Assini reported on the entrance’s construction as it was still going on in early June. Koelker told Assini then the renovation of the east wing will begin following the completion of the west entrance.

    The official Twitter page of the library posted the Latin phrase “ipsa scientia potestas est,” which is engraved above the entrance,  means “knowledge itself is power.”

    Full completion of the renovation is tentatively scheduled in time for the Fall 2015 semester.

    Above is a slideshow from Thursday afternoon of the new entrance.