New finance committee members swear in


    New members of the finance committee were sworn in Tuesday during Student Government Association’s second meeting of the semester.

    The inductions came ahead of important organization funding meetings next week. Other meeting agenda items included a new bill for study room space and a new constituency tactic for the university.

    “The finance committee has a great responsibility coming up, but I am very confident they will do great things for the student organizations on this campus,” Student Body President Cody Westphal said before the meeting.

    Next week, student organizations will meet with the finance committee to assess their funding eligibility. During Tuesday’s meeting, SGA Treasurer Lydia Longoria said she prepared for upcoming interviews by sending information about the application process to each organization.

    “We have been working hard for these interviews and are prepared,” Longoria said.

    In addition to the finance committee news, SGA Vice President Matt Spangler said he wants to initiate a bill that would allow TCU classrooms to be rented out as study rooms during finals week. This idea was met with smiles and cheers by SGA members, but has not yet been put into motion.

    Student Outreach Chair Abby Buckley started a new constituency tactic for all members of SGA. She required all student representatives to pick a constituency leader for each separate college at TCU. The leaders are responsible for organizing the constituency groups and communicating between their constituencies and SGA.

    Luke Erwin, elections and regulations chair, said first-year student representative elections start Wednesday. He encourages SGA members to spread the word about the election.