Police could begin ticketing jaywalkers


    TCU police said they may have the Fort Worth Police Department start ticketing students for jaywalking if it becomes a serious safety issue.

    “We get calls from people saying we almost hit one of your students,” said Lt. Ramiro Abad, head of the TCU police patrol division. “The crosswalk is right there, but you have to walk 25 more feet that way, and that deters some students from using it.”

    This isn’t the first time the jaywalking tickets have been threatened to TCU students. In October 2012, TCU 360 reported five officers would be patrolling University Drive and issuing tickets to anyone caught jaywalking.

    Abad said he’s not sure how many jaywalking tickets were issued during that time because TCU police does not keep those records.

    Senior entrepreneurial management major Melissa Howell said she remembers when jaywalking was an issue two years ago.

    “One of my friends got ticketed for walking across University, but I think part of the problem is having to cross such a major street and make it to class on time,” she said. “Sometimes students don’t have enough time to walk to a crosswalk when the building their class is in isn’t close to one.”

    A jaywalking fine can reach $200, according to the Fort Worth Municipal Court website.

    Abad said he believes that students should look past the possible $200 fine and look at the bigger picture.

    “It’s their life, their responsibility,” Abad said.