Delta Sigma Theta discusses the meaning of “beauty”


    About 40 women attended Delta Talk Thursday night in the Grand Marc Media Room. The annual event, hosted by the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, encouraged women to talk freely about beauty and confidence.

    “The goal of the event is to focus on inner beauty and how each person should define “beauty” how they see it,” sorority member Sarah Allen said. “As women, sometimes we focus on the negative things that we want to change about ourselves.”

    Delta Sigma Theta President Alexandria Traylor said the sorority wanted to make a difference by hosting the event because many women struggle with self-confidence. 

    “I love my willingness to not settle for less,” Allen said.

    The event committee members started by showing videos that promoted self-confidence and self-awareness. Then they turned the focus to audience members and asked everyone to answer a series of questions.

    The questions focused on school, friends and confidence.

    Ashlea Harper, a Delta Sigma Theta member, said the audience was eager to participate.

    “They were there because they wanted to be there, not because they were required [to be there],” Harper said.

    Bria Price, an attendee, said the event was a good way to connect with first-year students.

    “[It’s] important for the incoming freshman to let them know that there are people here looking out for them,” Price said.