Interprofessional Student Health Organization comes to TCU


    Students majoring in the healthcare field are coming together to learn how their individual specialties can work together for the benefit of patients.

    The students involved in the organization are studying social work, speech-language pathology, nursing, kinesiology and nutrition. Students on the pre-health track are also involved.

    The Interprofessional Student Health Organization (IPSO) hopes to mold professionals fueled by communication and teamwork with other specialists within the medical field, said President Samantha Armstrong.

    “IPSO’s goal is to provide these students with the knowledge to become ‘change agents’ within health care to eliminate barriers and improve patient outcomes,” according to the organization’s mission statement.

    The organization plans to collaborate with the University of North Texas to put on social and healthcare events around Fort Worth. Students hope to have speakers from the healthcare industries come during their Tuesday night meetings.

    Armstrong said the students will work together on case studies to help clarify each healthcare professional’s role.

    “The importance of collaboration between professions, to work as a team, will only better patient outcomes overall and create a more solid team within the healthcare field,” Armstrong said.

    The organization will meet once a month on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. It is $10 per semester or $20 for the year. The location for the event will vary each month. Only students from the healthcare professions will be allowed to join the organization. This program is also open to TCU graduate students in the healthcare field.

    Armstrong said their main focus in the organization is to improve patient outcome for the future.