Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartments undergo renovations


    Twelve apartment units in Tom Brown-Pete Wright community have been renovated. 

    Andrew Nash, hall director for campus apartments, said of the six apartment buildings on campus, two units in each building have been renovated. 

    Junior business major David Adams said he didn’t realize other units had been updated and his had not.

    While students with new units said they were surprised with remodeled kitchens and living rooms, Adams moved in to find a refrigerator with missing shelves and a dishwasher with a dent on the door.

    Adams has been able to fix a few of the maintenance problems found within his unit and said that overall having a unit without the updates hasn’t made a big difference with his experience living in Tom Brown-Pete Wright.

    “I cannot say my time here has been diminished because of lacking the appliances,” he said. 

    Anna Scott, a junior writing and accounting double major, was placed in an updated unit. Her apartment has new furniture in the living room, granite counter tops in the kitchen and stainless steel appliances.

    Overall, Scott likes the way the apartment looks, but said there are some kinks that need to be worked out. 

    “Someone’s got to be the guinea pig,” Scott said. 

    Nash said all students were placed in the apartments through the normal housing process. They were not given a choice on whether or not to have an updated unit and all pay the same price.

    Nash said that in the future all of the units will be renovated. As of now there is no timeline for when this will be done.