Boykin enjoys big day against SMU


    Junior quarterback Trevone Boykin was named the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award National Player of the Week for his performance against SMU last weekend. Boykin totaled 342 yards of total offense and six touchdowns in the victory. Here’s a breakdown of his performance.

    Scouting Report

    Boykin is showing a lot of progression in the offense. He has the pass concepts down and can easily make the right read and throw quickly based on matchups. His throwing mechanics have vastly improved and his errant throws are down to one or two a game. Sometimes his eyes and arm work faster than his feet and he misses easy throws because his feet aren’t set. Where he still struggles is in trusting the pocket and allowing the longer routes to develop. He is still able to scramble and escape the pocket with his athleticism, but the Frogs will win more games off of his arm if he continues making plays like the following.

    The Play: TCU’s First TD, Boykin’s 27-Yard Scramble

    Off the read-option, Boykin made the right read and kept the ball. He sidestepped two defenders and bounced to the outside of guard Brady Foltz’s block of the defensive tackle. Excellent blocking downfield by wide receiver Ty Slanina allows the play to stay alive past the line of scrimmage. Boykin misread Slanina’s block but his excellent speed and athletic ability got him into the end zone untouched.

    The Play: 27-Yard Screen to Deante’ Gray

    Obviously, this one is mostly on Gray, but there are a few things worth mentioning. Boykin snaps the ball knowing that pressure will be in his face. He shows that veteran poise by not staring at the developing screen and waiting until the last second to stand tall and deliver a well-placed ball before taking a hit.

    The Play: 28-Yard Screen to Deante’ Gray

    This play is very similar to the one above. However, the drives were completely different. On this drive, Boykin showed maturity and accuracy. He consistently picked the right receiver matchup pre-snap and made the right choice quickly. He missed one pass, but placed another perfectly to Slanina over the middle. A worse throw is batted down or, at worst, picked off.

    The Play: Boykin’s 8-Yard QB Draw

    The Air Raid can sometimes take advantage of Boykin’s natural running ability, and on this play the offensive line splits the defensive line like the Red Sea. It doesn’t get easier than that for Boykin.

    The Play: Boykin to Doctson for 22-Yards

    This is a nearly perfectly placed ball considering the man-to-man matchup on the outside with a single high safety. On a go route, the ball is supposed to be placed on the receiver’s outside shoulder and heading up field. Doctson got a step on the corner, but the corner had good closing speed. So, rather than forcing the ball into the closing window between the safety and corner, Boykin laid it out for the tall receiver to go get. It’s placed so well outside that Doctson could make the over-the-shoulder grab. Boykin allowed the receiver to make the adjustment to the ball, and it’s fun to see this touch from the junior quarterback.

    The Play: Boykin to Gray 7-Yard TD

    This may be the best throw of Boykin’s career. Gray beat the coverage off the break, but many quarterbacks would miss this throw. He placed it in perfect position in the far left corner of the end zone for Gray to catch it untouched. If Boykin has developed his touch throws like the last two plays suggest, it will be a treat watching him this season.

    The Play: Boykin Incomplete Deep Left to Gray

    Here is one throw that shows worry with Boykin. He’s in a groove and his touch passes have been on point. So, he locks onto Gray on an out-and-up route with man-to-man coverage. The problem is that he doesn’t see the safety shift late to help pick up Listenbee over the middle. This allows the other corner to freelance back over to the throw and SMU should’ve had an easy pick.

    The Play: Boykin to Listenbee 44-Yard Gain

    Here, Boykin’s happy feet seemingly make the play but it could have been a touchdown. Boykin senses pressure that isn’t there and starts roaming the pocket. Eventually he steps up and sees Listenbee break open downfield. He throws on the move and under-throws an the easy touchdown. It’s still a big play, but had he trusted the pocket it would have been a better one.

    The Play: Boykin 6-Yard TD to Doctson

    The Frogs run a rub concept on the right side. Both Doctson and Porter come free for easy touchdowns. Boykin makes his progression and has his feet set for the easy TD.


    Evan Watson contributed to this article.