$1,000 goes to Wisdom Award Public Speaking Competition winner


    Self worth and a second chance paid off Friday for a junior speech pathology major.

    Stephanie Milligan claimed first place at the final round of the Wisdom Award Public Speaking Competition.

    Milligan said that being apart of this competition has helped with her confidence and her ability to speak in front of people.

    “I am really excited,” Milligan said. “My dad is going to be really excited to hear [that I won] too.”

    Emily Siegers, sophomore strategic communication major, took second place on her speech about the competition in college. This was the first time Siegers had competed in the competition.

    “I was so happy to even just compete with these amazing speakers,” Siegers said. “I am just overjoyed and I could not feel more thankful for this opportunity.”

    Michael Daniels, senior entrepreneurial management major, took third place on his speech about asking for help. This was Daniels’ second time competing in the competition.

    “I felt very honored, actually, and very blessed to again be selected as a finalist this year and to continue to have one more chance of doing what I love to do,” Daniels said. 

    “It was very cool to have people come up to me and say it was a great speech, we had fun during your speech. There are things that are worth more than just the money itself but the intangible.”

    The competition was held at the Dee J. Kelly Alumni and Visitors Center. All finalists presented their speeches in front of students, faculty and a panel of judges.

    Other finalist included first-year student Kamryn Schropp, sophomore Shelby Whitson and senior Jaclyn Cravello.

    First place claimed the grand prize of a $1,000 scholarship. The donors generously offered scholarship money to the remaining winners. Second place took $500 and third place took $300.