TCU’s journal of the arts celebrates 10th anniversary


    There are a few student-produced products that provide an array of campus news, such as TCU 360, Skiff x 360 and Image magazine. However, there is also another publication for students are able to get involved with: TCU’s journal of the arts.

    More commonly known as eleven40seven, next semester will mark the journal’s 10th anniversary, said Rachel Deter, creative director of eleven40seven.

    “We will be collecting works from all previous journals, really getting the best of the best and creating a big 10-year anniversary edition,” Deter, senior writing major, said.

    Students of all majors are able to submit creative work to be published in the journal. Last year, eleven40seven found that 63 percent of submissions come from students in schools other than the AddRan College of Liberal Arts.

    Eleven40seven was started by the Bryson Literary Society in 2005 as a club, Deter said. It has now expanded to a class offered at TCU called Publication Production.

    The journal is published biannually in the fall and spring semesters and features poetry, scripts, stories, paintings and drawings created by students.

    “We read every submission,” Deter said. “Every single one.”

    The deadline to upload creative work to eleven40seven’s website is Friday, Oct. 10.