Second Amendment advocate gave short notice requesting security, canceling event


    An appearance by an author who is a Second Amendment advocate was canceled an hour before she was scheduled to appear because officials at the TCU Bookstore said they could not accommodate a last minute request for armed security.

    Dana Loesch, who wrote “Hands Off My Gun,” wrote on her website that she felt “uncomfortable gambling with my own, my family’s, or readers/listeners’s security,” by attending the signing without security.

    David George, department manager of trade books at the TCU Bookstore said they could not meet Loesch’s request in the short amount of time.

    “We only had like an hour’s notice, so we just couldn’t arrange [on site security],” said George. “She’d had some trouble at a past signing, and wanted armed security” said George.

    According to Loesch’s website, a man caused an incident at her book signing in Grapevine on Oct. 23 at Books-A-Million.

    TCU Police Chief Steven McGee said there were no officers available to meet the late request.

    “On Sundays we have the minimum number of patrol people,” McGee said. “It was too late to call anybody in.”

    Since TCU is a no-carry campus, Loesch said on her website she was prohibited to bring her own gun.

    TCU Director of Strategic Communications Lisa Albert said the university is trying reschedule the event.

    Loesch’s complaints about the cancellation on Twitter were met with skepticism from Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy.