The TCU Wildlife Society hopes to bring in new members


    A new organization says it hopes to bring a “wild”side to TCU.

    Dr. Tory Bennett, assistant professor for the School of Geology, Energy & The Environment, said the organization is aiming to give students who are interested in wildlife an opportunity to network with professionals in the field.

    Melissa Mills and Sharra Kucera are the co-founders of TCU’s new Wildlife Society. They wanted to start an organization that allowed students to explore wildlife and also learn in a professional way. 

    “There are not enough outdoorsy type classes for the students here,” said Mills, an environmental science graduate student. “We wanted an outlet where we can take the students out and experiences the wildlife.”

    Kucera, senior environmental science and geology double major, said she hopes to raise awareness for local species by being a member of the Wildlife Society.  

    “The society will focus mainly on the DFW area,” Mills said. “We will learn about he urban settings and how it affects the animals surrounding the area.”

    Kucera said members will benefit from learning hunting and fishing techniques, taking field trips, listening to guest speakers, and participating in workshops on wildlife observations.

    “I joined this society because I am going into the field of wildlife observations,” junior biology major Mallory Melton said. “I hope this society will help me network with others in my field.”

    The Wildlife Society is open to all majors.

    The organization will host a meet-and-greet in the Sid Richardson commons area on Friday, Nov. 7 at 6 p.m.

    “I think wildlife binds people.” Kucera said. “It is something everybody can find an interest in whether they want to conserve it or sustain it.”