ROTC hosts wreath ceremony


    The Wreath Laying Ceremony on Friday was the kick off to Veterans Day celebrations at TCU, as all the different branches of service came to together to commemorate brave acts performed by soldiers.

    “The most symbolic part of the ceremony was having everyone, past, present and future here. It is one family, with one goal, one mission, working towards protecting and defending the United States,” said junior criminal justice major, cadet and master of ceremonies Tyler Styles.

    Junior nursing major, cadet Rebekah Marquardt has been a member of ROTC color guard since her first year and volunteered to present the colors for the ceremony.

    As the ceremony played the national anthem to honor those who have served and are serving now, Marquardt said she was moved.

    “Everyone has the same amount of respect for our nation. Not just respect for those serving now but those who have served in the past and all of the fallen soldiers and the legacy they left behind,” she said.

    Style said, “Freedom comes at a price. Freedom is not free. I think it is very important for people who are not in the military to participate and see this ceremony as well, because it allows them to see these are the people who are doing things each and every day so that I can live freely.”

    The ceremony also hosted three speakers, including TCU senior criminal justice major and Air Force veteran Derrick Johnson.

    Johnson said, “More than 48 million Americans have served our country since 1776. Whether they served in a time of war or peace, America’s veterans all share a common bond: the desire to be a part of something greater than themselves and the unwavering belief in the cause of freedom. A belief so strong that they were willing to sacrifice their lives in its defense. And that gives testimony to their determination, selflessness, loyalty to our country and their own great courage.”