Live blog: SGA Meeting 2/24/15

    The House of Student Representatives will vote on a bill to update the election code handbook and a bill to reapportion seats in the House for the next session. 
    There is also a bill to fund a TCU Bucket List wall to “further connect past, present and future TCU students to the community.”
    Additionally, the House will introduce a resolution to support the addition of a minor for Middle Eastern studies.
    The bills and resolution are listed below:
    H.B. 101-11 “A Bill to Update the Election Code and Handbook
    H.R. 101-15 “A Resolution to Support the Addition of a Middle Eastern Studies Minor
    H.B. 101-12 “A Bill to Fund TCU’s Bucket List
    H.B. 101-13 “A Bill for Reapportionment of SGA House of Student Representative Seats for the 102nd Session