Suspicious vehicle stopped near campus


    TCU police are asking students to be on the alert for suspicious vehicles after a man who has a been arrested in the past for taking inappropriate photos of females was stopped near campus early Tuesday morning. 

    Police said George Flores, a former Paschal High School assistant band director, was driving the vehicle. 

    Flores was previously arrested in the TCU area for improper photography and video in December 2010. 

    He was later convicted and sentenced to 445 days in prison, Ham said.

    Flores was arrested outside a TCU-area bedroom window and was accused of taking photos of a woman undressing inside, according to a Star-Telegram article.

    The article also states that Flores had hundreds of inappropriate photos of females on his cellphone. 

    Several residents reported Flores wandering the streets around 2 a.m. Tuesday, Sgt. Kelly Ham said.

    Flores was not arrested, but the crime alert was sent as a precaution because of his previous felonies, Ham said.

    Ham said he wants students to call the TCU Police Department if Flores or the vehicle is spotted near campus.

    “We were in fear of our students’ safety,” Ham said.

    “He was asked to depart and to not come back.”