Sink Out Arthritis proves to be a success


    The TCU chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi hosted its very first volleyball pong tournament Wednesday on the DJ Kelly Center lawn.

    Teams were composed of two members at “Sink Out Arthritis.” The team then worked together to throw volleyballs into trashcans from a distance of 10 feet.

    AOPi members were excited to introduce an event that was unique.

    “It’s a fun event and something that’s different and new and because we are so new on campus we were like we need to have something original,” Alpha Omicron Pi philanthropy chair Caitlin Blanck said. “Like you can do kickball you can do baseball but like giant water pong, no one does that.”

    19 teams from different chapters on campus became competitive as they fought for their chance for the first place trophy.

    “Everyone’s really pumped up, its really fun, people are getting really into it and competitive,” psychology major Morgan Mings said.

    Participants liked that the philanthropy was so different from past events. 

    “I really like that its something new. Ive never seen this before from a philanthropy event,” child development major Megan O’Hea said. 

    Super Frog made an appearance to help present the winners, Phi Gamma Delta, with their solo cup trophy.

    All the money that was raised at the event went directly to the sorority’s philanthropy, The Arthritis Foundation of Dallas.