Frog Aides honors the “silent” workers behind the scenes


    TCU Frog Aides honored the “silent” workers behind the scenes through Staff Appreciation Week.

    The activities included passing out buttons, signing chalkboards with messages of thanks to staff members and a picnic at the end of the week.

    The picnic honored members of the TCU police, the physical plant, housekeeping and Sodexo.

    Senior co-director Laurel Gardner said Frog Aides is a freshman leadership development program through TCU which gives them the opportunity to come in and be a group of peers.

    “It gives them the opportunity to really show what they can do and learn how they can be leaders on this campus, so they can move into those leadership positions as their career moves on at TCU,” Gardner said.

    In the fall we have small projects to kind of get them to practice for this big project that we put on every year in the spring, Gardner said.

    “They get to pick the focus, they get to pick what they want to do, and this year they decided to give back to the staff members who work so hard for us silently every day and really reward them for their hard work,” Gardner said.