Interior design students design concepts to revamp historical building


    Senior interior design majors are bringing to life the historical Fort Worth Public Market as their thesis project.

    Over the course of the last two semesters, the students have come up with concepts and designs for the old building for their projects. On Thursday, all 21 seniors will present their work at the Senior Design Show, referred to as “Market.”

    “It is a great way to showcase what you are capable of,” said Kate Weber, senior interior design student. “It is a good representation of each student and exposure to the real world.”

    The Art Deco and Spanish Colonial building on Henderson Street, just south of downtown, has been closed for several years.

    Built in 1930, it was a farmers and open-air market with local and retail vendors and farmers. Since then, various businesses have been located there, including a tire factory and architecture firm, said Erika Provost, senior interior design major.

    It is currently vacant, but a top international architecture firm is redesigning the building, said Provost.

    It has not been revealed what the building’s purpose will be when it is finished.

    The students were able to choose how they would design the building for their thesis project. They saw the building in a number of ways: boutique hotels, collaborative spaces, public markets, culinary institutes, museums, lofts and retail spaces, to name a few.

    The international architecture firm has no plans to use the student designs.

    Senior interior design majors are required to take Interior Design Five, and each year the students are assigned a different thesis project.

    During the fall, the students researched the Fort Worth Public Market building and decided on the building’s function. In the spring, the students designed the interior and exterior of the building.

    “The thesis has been the largest-scale project we have done,” Provost said. “It has been the only project in which we have had the capability to design the building program.”

    At the design show, the students will display their 2-D and 3-D models of the Fort Worth Public Market they have redesigned, Provost said.

    They must come up with floor plans, elevations, materials, specifications and photo realistic renderings of what the final building could look like.

    All of the final work is done on the computer and rendered to look like a photo. These photos are displayed on large banners at the show, Provost said.

    The show is open to all students, faculty, staff and family members of the students.

    In addition, many students invite previous or future employers they have interned or worked for to showcase their work.

    The Senior Design show will be on May 7 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Incubator Lab on the third floor of Rees-Jones Hall. Food and refreshments will be provided.