James Wilcox to lead TCU Catholic ministry


    Rev. James Wilcox has been tapped as the new director of TCU’s Catholic campus ministry, effective June 1. Rev. Charlie Calabrese, who announced he was leaving TCU in April, notified the campus Catholic community of Wilcox’s appointment in an e-mail.

    According to Rev. Angela Kaufman, minister to the university, Wilcox is still being vetted. The process is expected to be completed sometime in mid-June.

    Wilcox, a Dallas native, was ordained to the priesthood two years ago. He’s served as the new vocations director for the Diocese of Fort Worth since last July.

    The final mass of the summer will be on May 31, Calabrese wrote. Mass will resume on August 23 in time for the fall semester.

    Calabrese’s announcement that he was leaving TCU came to some as a surprise. 

    “I was just shocked that he was leaving,” said senior Brad Horn, a former president of the TCU Catholic community. “It just wasn’t what anyone expected.”

    Calabrese, or “Father Charlie,” presided over TCU’s Catholic ministry for over 30 years.

    Blair Guilfoile, a junior strategic communication major, said she met Calabrese through the family dinner program, an initiative in which students and community members meet for dinner each month.

    “I got involved with the family dinner program and it was a great experience,” said Guilfoile.

    Kym Roberts, a TCU community member, echoed Guilfoile’s comments about community involvement. She hopes the practice will continue.

    “I would like to see family members continue to be welcomed,” Roberts said. “It’s a unique opportunity to mentor students. My kids definitely looked at the community when considering TCU.”