TCU political science major watched history unfold


    When the Supreme Court handed down Friday’s landmark ruling legalizing same-sex marriage a TCU political science major was in the gallery.

    “It was wild.”

    Catherine Edmonson, who is in Washington interning for Solidarity Strategies, said she waited outside the court for five hours to receive one of 50 vouchers allowing citizens to go inside the court.

    Edmonson wrote about her experience in a Facebook post: “I woke up at 5 AM and waited for 5 hours to be able to sit in the Supreme Court chambers to witness history be made!! I listened to Chief Justice John G. Roberts officially announce for the first time that same sex marriage is now LEGALIZED!!”

    Edmonson, Class of 2017, wrote in a private Facebook message that she and the other observers went into the courtroom unaware of what was to be discussed.

    “We had NO idea they were going to discuss the case until we got there because they don’t announce the case topic until the court is in session.”

    When the case topic was announced, Edmonson wrote that emotions were high.

    “When they announced that they were going to talk about it everyone started crying. (But we had to be silent, so silent tears)”

    Edmonson said the court was in session for less than an hour before Chief of Justice John G. Roberts announced the 5-4 decision.

    “Everyone started crying even harder. Jim Obergefell lifted his hands in joy, but we weren’t allowed to speak until it was over. I was losing it.”