TCU Grad to star in episode of ABC’s “Job or No Job”


    Fulfilling a “whim” has landed a TCU grad a spot on new reality series.

    Gabrielle McBay, who earned a food management degree last December, is expected to appear in the first episode of ABC Family’s “Job or No Job.”

    The show follows nine young adults as they pursue dream jobs in different cities. McBay, whose “dream” is restaurant management, interviews for front of house positions with high profile restaurants.

    “I will only be on the first episode,” McBay wrote in Facebook message interview. The show is kind of like “True Life” and “Made,” where they only feature one person in a one hour episode,” she wrote. “I won’t be shown throughout the entire series.”

    McBay said her twin, Racquel, found out about the show through TCU’s LinkedIn and told her about it.

    “I randomly sent my portfolio and headshot to casting,” McBay wrote. A couple days later they emailed me… I wasn’t expecting to be contacted back lol. I skyped and communicated back and forth with producers for months. The first week In May, they called me on a Wednesday to tell me that I was cast for the show. I was on a plane that Sunday to Chicago.”

    At the time, McBay was working in Dallas.

    “Since graduation, I’ve worked as a Food Service Director at a private Catholic school in Dallas. For being 22 at the time, that was pretty awesome that I was able to have a position that definitely challenged me,” she wrote. “I have also been operating my company on the side as a private chef and caterer.”

    McBay said looking for work after graduation was daunting.

    “After graduation, I was unemployed for like three months,” she wrote. “I was in such an uncomfortable place as an entrepreneur. I knew what my dreams were, but I also knew that I needed to pay my bills.”

    McBay was careful not to give away too many details about the show.

    “I can’t tell too many secrets because of production purposes…but I can say that I am definitely going through a lot of transitions in life and trying to figure out what my next level is,” she wrote. “I am most excited about watching myself on this weird random journey that I went on. I haven’t seen any of the footage so the day it airs will be my first time watching it along with everyone else.”

    “Job or No Job” airs Wednesday Aug. 5 at 8 PM on ABC Family.