Album Review – Rouge Wave


    Bay-area band Rogue Wave returns with album “Descended Like Vultures,” the follow-up to 2004’s “Out of the Shadow.” From the first few notes, it’s clear this Sub Pop band has taken another step forward.

    More mature that its predecessor, “Descended Like Vultures” pulls from a wide variety of styles. Some elements recall memories of early Pavement whereas others seem at home with contemporaries The Shins.

    With songs featuring a range of sounds from nothing more than an acoustic guitar and vocals to heavily layered tracks, Rogue Waves’ latest release is a step above many new artists.

    With mature and well-thought lyrics, Rogue Wave has something substantial to offer when so much music seems to be rote and formulaic. Along with this standout style, “Descended Like Vultures” is dark. From lyrics to mood to sound, the album is darker than Rogues Waves’ earlier works.