Band performs on ESPN morning show


    The TCU Horned Frog marching band kicked off Super Bowl week with an appearance on ESPN’S Mike and Mike in the Morning radio show Jan. 31 at Sundance Square.

    The band performed several pieces for the live broadcast, including the fight song and other football game day favorites. The Showgirls also performed routines during the songs.

    Assistant director of bands Jeremy Strickland said the band had been in high demand leading up to the big game.

    “Last week we were receiving about four to five calls a day asking us to play for different events involving the Super Bowl,” Strickland said.

    The broadcast began at 5 a.m., but band members, Showgirls and twirlers loaded the bus to the venue at 3 a.m.

    Freshman writing major and Showgirl Cassie Castillo said it was difficult to wake up that early, but and knowing what she was waking up for made it easier.

    Strickland said the band chose which events to attend largely based on what would not conflict with students’ schedules.

    “A lot of times people forget that [they are] students and that they have other things to do,” he said.

    Associate director of bands Brian Youngblood said the band didn’t prepare any more than usual for the performance, and the only band members required to participate were the section leaders. He said the rest of the band came voluntarily.

    “It’s a big deal,” Youngblood said. “Anytime the band gets to represent the university… we’re glad to do it.”

    Castillo said the Showgirls were required to attend at least five appearances and that the morning show was one of their options.

    Junior nursing major Spencer Heath said the band likes getting the exposure because it increases recruitment for both the university and the band.

    “We get called to do things and it’s both an opportunity for us and an opportunity for the people who want us to be there,” he said.

    Strickland said other performances included ESPN The Magazine at the Fort Worth Stockyards and at an event for WBAP radio.

    The band also was selected to perform at the Super Bowl pre-game show.

    “This is just the latest in a really incredible string of things we’ve done this year,” Heath said. “It’s been an absolute wild ride.”