Bronco nation will support Horned Frog fans


    As college football fans, we want our team to be No. 1. Last Friday, college football witnessed the takedown of a good football team in Boise State.

    BSU had a legitimate shot at the national title if a few things bounced their way. Now after Nevada’s 34-31 comeback against BSU, it’s up to TCU to bring home the famed Coaches’ Trophy. But as TCU pursues this dream, they must realize they are not alone. They have picked up a new, unexpected fanbase.

    I spent Thanksgiving in my hometown of Boise and went to my aunt and uncle’s house to watch the BSU-Nevada game. My aunt and uncle are BSU season ticket holders, as were the two couples who watched the game with us. The first half was fairly uneventful, with BSU storming out to a 24-7 lead. It looked like another easy win for the Broncos, but the second half turned into a nightmare for BSU fans.

    BSU was unable to stop Nevada’s offense, and Nevada’s defense was able to attack BSU quarterback Kellen Moore at will. Bronco fans had not seen a game like this since Sept. 6, when BSU played Virginia Tech. All Bronco fans were on edge and praying that BSU would find a way to win.

    After BSU running back Doug Martin reclaimed the lead at 31-24 with just under five minutes left, things seemed like they were back to normal in Bronco nation. Everyone was relaxed, assuming the defense would step up like it had all season and seal the game.

    However there was no quit in Nevada. Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick methodically marched down the field and hit receiver Rishard Matthews to tie the game at 31-31. Of course, none of the Bronco fans were willing to believe the game would go into overtime. BSU would find a way to win. They always did.

    When Moore completed the 54-yard bomb to receiver Titus Young with two seconds left, it seemed like destiny to BSU fans. BSU kicker Kyle Brotzman rarely missed. What would make this any different?

    After the first miss by Brotzman, I could tell that the BSU fans were extremely uneasy. They weren’t used to seeing the Broncos on the brink of losing. The Broncos were riding a 24-game winning streak. Losing was not something that was supposed to happen.

    When Brotzman missed the overtime field goal and a Nevada win was all but guaranteed, the fans lost hope. There was nothing they could do but watch as BSU was handed a loss.

    BSU fans feel helpless. This whole season had been defined by national title hopes. Those chances are gone, as well as the chance for a BCS bowl bid.

    On Saturday, I watched TCU play New Mexico at a restaurant in Boise wearing a TCU jersey, and an older man approached me. He told me he was a BSU alumnus and a die-hard Bronco fan. He wants to see TCU make it to the national title game and cream its opponent. It would be a small comfort for him after BSU came so close.

    Support for the Horned Frogs has been pouring in from all over Boise. Bronco fans realize that TCU is the mid-majors’ hope for a national title run.

    For one game, BSU fans want to see the Horned Frogs succeed. For one game, Horned Frog fans will include a lot of people dressed in blue and orange.

    Tori Cummings is a freshman broadcast journalism major from Boise, Idaho.