Campus Voices: Do you think that Facebook distracts you from study time?


    “No, I don’t really do Facebook. I look at it, but it doesn’t really distract me.”

    Felicia Linscott, junior coordinated dietetics major from Fort Worth

    “I actually don’t use Facebook that much. I guess I’m one of the rare exceptions.”

    Wes Wynne,junior strategic communications major from Kaufman

    “It definitely distracts me. Sometimes I just do it to prolong my studying experience.”

    Mike Moro, senior marketing major from St. Louis

    “Yes, of course it does. I transferred here from another school so I like looking at pictures of my old friends.”

    Bonnie Bollinger, senior art history major from Fort Worth

    “I would say no. I just know when I have to get stuff done.”

    Bobby Wilson, sophomore entrepreneurial management major from Dallas

    “Facebook is a bloody waste of time. I don’t use Facebook. I don’t see the point.”

    DJ Perera, studio art major from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka