Campus Voices: What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date?


    “Hanging out with my girlfriends and going to see a chick flick.”

    Whitney Peters, sophomore education pre-major from McKinney

    “A nice home-cooked dinner, and watching a good old romantic movie.”

    Teresa Powers, sophomore anthropology major from Fort Worth

    “I’d cook her favorite food and take it out on a picnic, lay out on my truck and look at the stars.”

    Spencer Youtsey, sophomore pre-major from Cypress

    “Just be with the person I like and go out to a place neither of us have been, and no gifts.”

    Michael Fernandez, junior mathematics major from Killeen

    “I’d like to go out, but I’d want kind of a scavenger hunt for my gift.”

    Alexis Tribble, sophomore early childhood education major from Houston

    “Probably go out to dinner downtown, then hit up a dance club in Dallas.”

    Matt Newville, freshman pre-major from Allen

    – Compiled by staff reporter Patrick Burns