Celebrities encourage Obama supporters to vote


    Cameras were flashing but it was not an average day on the red carpet for two celebrities.

    About 150 campus supporters of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, D-Ill., filled an auditorium in Rogers Hall on Friday afternoon to hear Sophia Bush, of “One Tree Hill,” and Adam Rodriguez, of “CSI: Miami,” speak about the difference students can make in this year’s election.

    Bush said she had lived in Texas before and was excited about returning to a state she loved to speak to her peers about Obama.

    “My demographic is young people; I’m a young person and I want to talk to people that I really feel like I can relate to,” Bush said.

    Bush, whose latest films include “The Hitcher” and “John Tucker Must Die,” encouraged students to become involved in the campaign by voting and volunteering.

    “Do what you can. Give what you can,” Bush said. “That’s the thing that is changing the nation, and that’s the thing that is making people take notice.”

    Rodriguez said he feels this is the first time people are listening to young people.

    Students should take advantage of their rights and responsibilities as citizens as early as possible, Rodriguez said.

    “Whether it’s volunteering or picking a candidate, which hopefully will be Sen. Obama, casting a vote is critical. It’s your responsibility,” Rodriguez said.

    Bush and Rodriguez both spoke about active participation in the electoral process.

    “The least that we can do is get up off our butts, go down to the polls, cast a vote and say something about what you want to see done in this country,” Rodriguez said.

    Austin Uebele, a senior psychology major and volunteer for Texans for Barack Obama, said he was proud so many students came out to support the campaign.

    “TCU students are notoriously some of the most apathetic students in the Metroplex and probably throughout the state,” Uebele said.

    Uebele said he is for celebrity campaigns if they are increasing voter participation, though, others may view it in a bad light.

    Bush thinks Obama is creating “mobilizers” in an isolated society.

    “I’m not saying I’m going to win this election for Barack Obama,” Bush said. “But if I can make 10 people come out here and vote today, I did something for somebody that I believe in and its that ethic that I think America needs back.”

    Obama is the only person who has a plan laid out and is setting real goals, Bush said.

    “He’s totally my hero,” Bush said.

    It is very easy for people to get stuck in their own ways, Bush said, but that is not what the U.S. is built on.

    Bush wants people to look at what Obama stands for and believes in.

    “I really hope you take the responsibility to vote,” Bush said. “It’s easy to take for granted all of the lovely amenities that we have in this country, but voting is our most inherent right.”

    Staff reporter Emily Allen contributed to this report.