Cinematographer, alumnus makes first campus appearance since 1987


    The biggest obstacle in the film industry is trying to get a job at a young age and with little experience, a Hollywood cinematographer said to radio-TV-film and theater students Tuesday.On his first trip back to campus since 1987, Blake Evans, a 1986 RTVF graduate from TCU, said he could relate to many of the issues students deal with while they’re in college and after graduation.

    “You want to do too much when you’re young, and they won’t let you,” Evans said. “It can be frustrating to hear someone tell you that reaching your goal might be a lifelong pursuit.”

    Evans said he encourages students to work diligently to obtain their goals instead of giving up.

    “As students, you should know that your goals are achievable,” Evans said. “You should aim high because you really can do the work.”

    Evans said he believes he received a solid foundation in filmmaking at TCU and although he has achieved many of his personal goals, he said his career is only beginning.

    “I hope to keep shooting good television shows, start directing more and continue to pursue writing,” he said.

    Before he wrote the screenplay for “Flyboys,” Evans worked on the television series “The District” for four years as a cinematographer.

    Evans demonstrated some of his experience with “The District” during a lighting workshop earlier in the day for RTVF students interested in filmmaking.

    Chris Goble, a senior RTVF major, said having Evans at the lighting workshop was a great opportunity to learn about how to choose proper lighting when filming.

    Goble, who is also the vice president for the Student Filmmakers Association, said he learned that filmmaking doesn’t have to be expensive, and many household items or items bought at the hardware store can aid in lighting.

    Brian Montgomery, a senior RTVF major, said Evans talked about lighting techniques that he’d never seen or heard of before.

    “Blake Evans is very knowledgeable and was very helpful,” Montgomery said. “This is what I want to do, and he’s in the business, so he was the person for me to talk to.”

    Evans’ most recent work includes the television series “Jake in Progress,” and the series “Big Day,” which premiers Nov. 28 on ABC.