Constitution changes approved


    A bill calling to approve revising the Constitution of the Student Body to remove Programming Council as the body responsible for student programming passed in the House of Student Representatives meeting Tuesday night. In last Tuesday’s House meeting, a revision pertaining to this same issue did not pass.

    The former revision involved including the organization theCrew as a part of the Constitution change. According to the Skiff, theCrew replaced Programming Council this fall as the primary event-planning group in on-campus events.

    Ad Hoc Committee Chair Macy Pulliam led the Ad Hoc committee in reworking Article IV of the Constitution after last Tuesday’s meeting.

    Hunter Sprague, a representative for the class of 2013, said that theCrew name was removed from the proposed revision so that the wording of the Constitution was not tied down to one specific organization. He said that the aim in the revision to the Constitution was to be general, but clear and concise.

    The bill passed with a majority vote in the House and will be sent in referendum for the student body to vote on the new Constitution.

    Dalton Goodier, a representative for the Addran College of Liberal Arts, outlined that the House remains the gatekeeper as to what student programming organization will be in control of on-campus events. If another organization besides theCrew wanted to create programming, the decision would still need to pass through the house to accept or reject it, he said.

    Lizzy Caudill, a representative for the class of 2011 and the Elections and Regulations Committee Chair, led an informal discussion with the House as a committee as a whole to ask questions and make last suggestions to the revision.

    In other business in the meeting, President Jackie Wheeler, Vice President Brett Anderson, and Treasurer Brent Folan were sworn in, as well as new House representatives.