Donovan: Athletes deserve academic equality in class


    Nowell Donovan, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, said he wants to make sure student-athletes are treated with the same fairness as any other student, receiving an “academic experience of great quality.”Because of recent coverage of violations in the track and field program, Donovan sent out a letter to all faculty members Tuesday stating the expectations of the relationship between student-athletes and the faculty.

    “If we want to make TCU a standout university, we need to make our scholar athletes stand out, too,” he said.

    Some thought the purpose of sending the letter was to inform the faculty of what the NCAA regulations are and who to contact if there are issues concerning the academic performance of student-athletes in the classroom.

    “I see it as a proactive letter to educate people on this issue,” said Linda Moore, chair of the department of social work. “The issue of releasing academic performance to coaches, instead of the athletics academic services is an issue across the country.”

    Moore also said she thinks Donovan sent appropriate information to the faculty so they understand how to deal with their concerns about student-athletes.

    “The intention of TCU is to develop the athletic potential of the athlete, as well as the athlete’s academic potential,” Donovan said.