Even the chancellor loves a snow day


    With more freezing rain and snow expected later in the week, Chancellor Victor Boschini might have another snow day or two.

    For Boschini, last week’s first snow day on Tuesday began at 3:44 a.m. with a call from Provost Nowell Donovan about class cancellations. He said he watched some news about the weather and headed into the office at about 9 a.m.

    On the way, he passed two students sledding by Clark Hall in big plastic tubs.

    “It was great. They were having a ball,” he said. “I stopped and just watched them for a while, and I thought to myself, “I love working at a college.'”

    Once he made it to Sadler Hall, he settled in for a few hours’ work while the rest of the university was closed.

    “I actually like these kinds of days because I can get a ton done,” he said. “There’s nobody here; the phones don’t ring. It’s kind of lonely, but you get a lot of work done.”

    That work included getting caught up on paperwork, writing thank you notes, and drafting three student recommendations for law school. Boschini said he planned to have lunch downtown if the weather permitted and then to head home from the office a little early.

    Days like this may be few and far between, but he said the time off helps slow life down a little.

    “I actually think they’re good because our life is so fast nowadays,” he said. “Like even in here I feel calmer today. I think it just makes everyone slow down and take a deep breath.”

    He said, though, that his wife did not have such a quiet day. She spent Tuesday at home with their two high school-aged children who also had school canceled.

    After he left the university for the day, he said he planned to join his family to spend some time together.

    “That’s another good thing about this weather is it does keep everybody at home,” he said.

    However, Boschini said he not only spent Tuesday at the office, but worked at the university all week. One of his few appointments kept during the week’s ice storm was a prospective student that came in late Friday afternoon to visit the university.

    After enduring last week’s freezing temperatures and icy side effects, Boschini said he is praying for good weather this week. Because he spent most of last week alone in his office, he said agreed with many of the students he talked to Monday 8212; it is time for the wet wintery weather to move on.