Event to focus on masculinity in American culture


    The place to talk about men, mahogany, leather-bound books and classiness is today’s Student Development Services Men’s Programming discussion of the movie “Anchorman.”

    The facilitated conversation will feature clips from the hit movie “Anchorman” and talk about masculinity in American culture.

    Daniel Terry, program director of Student Development Services, said the event is part of the MENtality Workshop Series by Men’s Programming and will promote positive male roles in society.

    He said he had noticed a trend on other college campuses discussing issues like domestic violence and drinking among men, but there were few opportunities to talk with young men about their opportunities to make a positive influence on others. He said he chose “Anchorman” to compare and give a more realistic approach to what men should be doing.

    “We’re trying to have more constructive conversations about men and masculinity and the expectations of culture and their thoughts and ideas about relationships instead of having a meeting with them to not do something destructive,” Terry said. “We’re trying to engage men in positive conversations about what it means be male in our culture.”

    The MENtality Workshop Series holds events twice a semester and specifically targets men, Terry said. The series focuses on men’s issues, relationships and how American culture sees masculinity.

    Groups of men were targeted through e-mail and posters on campus.

    The event will be held at 12:30 p.m. in the private dining room of Market Square. Audience members who don’t have a meal swipe will be given one by the facilitators. It is open to all males on campus.